Tips For Protecting Your Art Prints Against Damage

Having beautiful pieces of artwork around your home can provide immense aesthetic benefits to your house. However, individuals will frequently find themselves unable to afford original works of art. If this is the case you find yourself facing, you may be relieved to learn that high-quality prints can be almost indistinguishable from handcrafted works of art. To protect your prints against common damages, there are a few basic steps that you should be following.

Avoid High-Humidity Storage Environments

Where you put the art print can have a major impact on the amount of wear that it suffers. Humidity can be particularly damaging to art prints as it can cause the paper or canvas to degrade as well as contributing to the colors fading or mold and mildew growing on it. For this reason, you should avoid placing the prints in basements, attics and other areas that are prone to moisture problems. If putting the print in these areas is unavoidable, you should place dehumidifiers in the vicinity to minimize the risk of condensation gathering on the print.

Keep The Prints Out Of Direct Light

The sunlight coming into your home can be a source of warmth and light. However, the sun's light waves can be extremely damaging to paper, canvas and pigments. As a result, placing the prints near windows can contribute to them degrading over time. You will want to strategically place the prints so that direct sunlight does not strike them. When the placement of your window makes this impossible, a film that blocks ultraviolet rays of light can be used to drastically reduce this source of damage. Also, you may want to rotate your prints so that those that must endure direct sunlight will be rotated to different spots. This may seem like a pain, but it can provide much-needed variety and protection for your home's art.  

Invest In A Glass Frame

One of the most effective ways of protecting your art print is to have it professionally framed. When the artwork is in a frame, you will find that it is easier to keep dirt and other substances from damaging it as it will be protected behind a pane of glass. In instances where your print is on poster paper, the frame can be essential for preventing damage from occurring to the print when it is moved from one wall to another. While many print providers offer framing services, some customers will avoid paying for this additional charge. However, this relatively inexpensive investment can ensure your home's artwork looks as impressive and beautiful as possible.

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